Using a blower truck can save a lot of time and labor. There is reduced set-up and clean-up time after every load, producing a faster turnaround. This results in more deliveries and more cubic yards covered each day.

If you’re using a wheelbarrow and laying down mulch on 10 acres, you will have to make numerous trips to get it done. With a blower truck, you can do it in one load. Blower installations also eliminate heavy and damaging effects to the site, from the constant back and forth of wheelbarrows and foot traffic.

It also decreases labor. The workers that would normally be on the job spreading mulch don’t have to be there, so they can be doing other things that can make you more money.

Our highly innovative blower service incorporates a pneumatic conveying system that can easily install much at a distance of 300 feet (90 meters).

Bedder Spreader’s trucks deliver 20 to 70 cubic yards of material per hour; that’s what you can expect as far as output, but it depends upon the materials and the application technique.

There are several different kinds of mulch, including wood, paper, soil blends, compost, reclaimed cotton, rubber and cocoa bean shells. There are also combinations of different mixes, some of which include polyacrylamides (PAMs), which hold the pores of the soil open and allow water to get inside. The most commonly used variety is wood fiber, as it tends to be long lasting and is environmentally friendly.

As long as the material can fit through the hose, you can blow it! This allows you to do more jobs. You can go out and do an erosion control blanket in the morning and lay mulch in the afternoon.

We recommend mulching at least once per year. This also depends on the type and quality of the mulch you’re using.