Welcome To Bedder Spreaders

We supply a range of landscape supplies including premium mulches, playground materials, soils and aggregates ideally suited for blower truck installation.

Our state of the art blower trucks are a quick and easy way to install mulch and playground surfacing. Our blower service replaces dozens of workers and takes only a fraction of the time. Our installers are professionally trained to apply material neatly and evenly, creating significant savings on your install costs. We also have the ability to install soil and compost in those hard-to-reach areas, saving time and money, and not to mention, your back!

Our installation services are available to homeowners, municipalities, the military, daycares and professional landscape contractors. Bedder Spreaders is especially helpful for large-scale jobs. Let our reliable staff take care of you and your installation needs!

What Else Does Bedder Spreaders Do? We’ll Tell You!

In addition to landscape mulches such as bark, compost and fertile mulch, we install playground chips for safety surfaces in playgrounds, compost BMP’s that combat erosion and contain sediment, green roof and rooftop garden specialty soils for commercial and private rooftops, and our heavy duty blower truck can even install some topsoil mixes and rock applications.

Don’t forget the importance of overseeding! It is as simple as it sounds, yet it can mean the difference between dry, crabby grass and a vibrant lawn. Too many businesses overlook the importance of overseeding in healthy lawn treatment. Without new seed to rejuvenate your lawn, your grass will grow old, tired and thin, causing weeds and turf to ravage your lawn.

Regardless of which service you need, you can be confident it will be installed with the same precision and attention to detail that we apply to the most intricate and detailed of landscapes.

Bedder Spreader’s performs work for the areas’ most demanding and award-winning landscapers, builders and property managers because they demand the very best for their clients. Don’t you deserve the same?

Bedder Spreaders delivers unparalleled quality in landscape design, construction, and care. Our highly trained craftsmen will ensure that your landscape provides you with a lifetime of beauty and value..
A beautiful landscape doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by intent-on purpose. Our management system, unique in the industry, relies on specialization of craft and an age-old tradition of apprenticeship.
Prompt arrival and on-time performance. Professional conduct at all times by courteous staff. Clean, well-maintained trucks bearing state-of-the-art equipment. A professional culture of respect, discipline and pride.
Pounds of Mulch Spread
Miles of Crushed Rock Laid
Work Hours Saved
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Need More Reasons to Call?

  • Using a blower truck can save a lot of time and labor. There is reduced set-up and clean-up time after every load, producing a faster turnaround.
  • Our results allow for more deliveries and more cubic yards covered each day.
  • The workers that would normally be on the job spreading mulch don’t have to be there, so they can be doing other things that can make you more money.
  • Efficiency and accuracy are the reasons why you would use a blower truck; they tackle the difficult jobs.
  • We can put hundreds of feet of hose on the machines to ensure access to your most difficult sites.
  • As long as the material can fit through the hose, you can blow it!
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